There are different questions from our trip...
...and you can
find yours

Where are you going?
Which boots do you wear for your road?
Do you believe in yourself?
What did you sacrifice on your way?
What do you take along with you?
What message do you have?
Who guides you?
Do you go by your own free will?
What is in your luggage?
Will you return?
Do you believe in the promised land?
How do we help people who cannot do it on their own?
Is the individual solution for change the key for a national one?
Do you believe in the promised land?
How does a country represent a mindset?
What is the symbol behind dead machines?
Who has access?
Can you just take it?
What story does this building tell?
Do you read the news?
Do you follow the Berlin Techno Scene?
Any nice words for Mr. Putin?
What is your art?
What does dead space sound like?
If you were President, what would you do about Russia?
Do you feel responsible?
What remains, what falls to pieces?
What story does this building tell?
How do you do that?
Do you need help?
Am I right? Or am I wrong?
Can you teach me?
What is your position?
How can we work together?
What is my position?
Do you panic sometimes?
Can I ask you something?
What is the perfect timing?
What are your aims?
What holds us back?
Are we ready for this story?
How vulnerable and fragile are you?
Do you respect me?
Are you part of something larger?
Can you give me strength?
Are you alone?
What ́s the matter?
How would you describe yourself?
What tells me your body language?
Do you like me at all?
Why do you talk to me in your language?
Does language make any difference?
Which language does not lie?
Are we talking about the same thing?
Can we find a common language?
In which language do you dream?
In which language do you want to talk?
Why should I understand you?
Why don ́ t you understand me?
Why does language matter at all?
Do we want to understand each other at all?
Can language separate people from each other?
What are we without language?
Can language bring people together?
Why politics?
How brutal can art be?
Is art aggressive?
Do you fight with me?
How long do we have to fight?
What do you fight for?
What ́s the role of art in politics?
Where is “sub” – culture and “up”- culture?
What has to stay as it is?
What has to change?
Can fight sound beautiful?
How does fight sound like?
Is change aggression?
Is change a war?
How powerful is art?
Can art win?
What weapons do you have?
We are going to somewhere